Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shop Concert #2

We both really enjoy brewing beer. It's incredibly simple to do and the results are immensely satisfying. Thanks to some direction from a local brewing club, the MontreAlers, we found a great brewing supply store a short walk from our apartment. Now, two healthy young males can be expected to enjoy a reasonable amount of beer over the course of week, but I'm pretty sure the guy who works in the beer store is convinced that we are hard-core alcoholics. Over the past month and a half we've brewed nearly 70 liters of beer (for those accustomed to English measurements, 70 liters = A LOT OF BEER). Fortunately, for both our shop productivity and health of livers, most of that beer has been consumed during our in-shop concerts. We held our second such concert last Friday and had an absolutely fantastic time.

The night started with a big dinner for both bands. It was truly a feast fit for a king -- as long as you're a vegetarian king who loves delicious black bean soup, apple crisp, and homebrewed beer. The first band to perform was a young classical guitar duo, Guitartare. Benjamin and Jean-Francois are both recent graduates who are beginning to perform all over Montreal. Watch the clip below to hear "The Spanish Knight and the Greek Horse" (Jean-Francois is playing one of Jeremy's gutiars).

The second band of the night were our friends Lake of Stew. They put on a great show and their vocal harmonies and all acoustic lineup sounded incredible in the shop. The song below is a favorite of ours and was a special encore request from Jeremy.

Here's the roster from left to right (with Rick in the front): Rick Rigby (mandolin), Dina Cindric (accordion), Brad Levia (slide and acoustic guitar), Daniel McKell (guitar), Mike Rigby (guitar), Julia Narveson (bass), Annabelle Chvostek (violin).