Sunday, February 5, 2012

Eventually....they all go barefoot

Having spent almost no time in other peoples woodshops I can not definitively say how our shop compares to most, but I have an inkling that we might be just a wee bit more casual than the norm. Much to the surprise of most visitors, scraggly clothes and bare feet are the unofficial shop uniform.  Over the years as new members have joined our little collective, the amount of time to adopt our unique style has varied but in the end... they all go barefoot.

At the close of last summer we were all quite sad to see our good buddy and shopmate Dion head out west to set up a shop of his own in Edmonton.  Dion was the third member to work with Jeremy and myself and he was a perfect fit right from the get-go.  Anyone who shows up for their first visit with a bag of whole oats was a-ok in our book.  With that in mind our newest addition, Martin, had some big shoes to fill (despite having nearly a foot on Dion) when he first set up his bench last fall.  It took a few months, but we're proud to say, Martin is now working barefoot!

(At this point I'd ask that we all pretend there was some witty and poignant segue into this next section.  Okay? Good.)

The above picture shows a bit of what I currently have on the go.  On the left, we have a nifty little tenor guitar with a calla lily inspired back destined for the Montreal Guitar Show this summer.  To the right, a new shape!  I'm calling it the Grand Concert model (or Concert Grand?) and it is my take on a jumbo/dreadnought sized guitar.  I'll have more details and an explanation of how I came up with the shape soon, but for now, here's a more detailed picture of the tenor...

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