Tuesday, September 22, 2009

He's Back!

It's been a long and crazy summer with a precious few days left before the first snow hits, so what better way to celebrate these last fleeting days of warmth than by having our friend Ken Whiteley back for another shop concert? I'll tell you a better way -- by having Ken Whiteley back with harmonicanist* extraordinaire Jay Sewall! If Ken's concert in the shop this past April is any indication, we're in for great and bluesy night. We've already told you all about Ken; the real deal, Jedi master of the guitar, Canadian folk icon, yada yada yada... but what about Jay? Jay is an integral member of the Quebec blues community and a winner of the Lys Blues Lifetime Achievement award for 2008! Guitar, harmonica, blues, delicious homebrew beer... what more could you want!?


Saturday, Sept. 26th
5555 de Gaspe #304
Doors at 8 pm

Ken and Jay at the Mont Tremblant Blues Festival

*Just to clarify, a harmonicanist is someone who plays harmonica; not a member a fringe musical religion. And yes, I made that word up.

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