Thursday, January 6, 2011

Is there anybody out there?

Hello internet!

This will be the first post in a series of at least one recounting the past few months in the life and times of the Indian Hill Guitar Company (aka. me). A lot has happened since we last spoke -- squatting at City Park in New Orleans, oud repair at a Virginia commune, moose sightings on Cape Breton, rolling a skidoo in the Yukon, and an unexpected shop relocation to name a few.

That last little tidbit came about when our old building was (temporarily) condemned by the powers that be. The reasons for condemnation are somewhat suspect and full of potential political intrigue, but the end result was a less than thrilling packing up and moving 450 feet down the street. It was unplanned and generally a royal pain, but building a new shop allowed us to (theoretically) learn from our mistakes and expand in bold and exciting new directions. For what could be more "bold and exciting" than gaining an additional three members to the shop?! Well, probably a lot but we're rather pleased so don't question it.

As expected, we seized upon an excuse to throw a big party and had our grand shop (re)opening gala a few weeks ago. Lots of music, friends, and Jeremy's delicious beer made it a resounding success. Here'a video from the first act of the night, The Boghoppers (with special guest and new shop member Kaitlyn)...

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