Saturday, October 18, 2008

Do Dogs Really Work That Hard?

I mean really now... How many dogs can you think off that actually collapse into bed at night done in from an arduous day of physical labour? I'm sure that somewhere in history there exists an occurrence of a canine actually "working like a dog" but every one that I've ever met seems to have somehow missed the memo on work ethic. I digress...

Around this time of year everyone seems to be talking about what we are "thankful" for. Call me petty but things like a roof over my head, good food to eat, spectacular friends and family, this stint of unseasonably good weather, and general good health all seem to pale in comparison with that fact that very soon we can actually get back to building guitars. Imagine loving ice cream... I mean really loving ice cream. Imagine loving ice cream with such vehemence that the vast majority of your waking hours (and a good deal of the hours that one would generally benefit from sleep) involved thinking about eating ice cream and the act of eating ice cream. Then imagine spending several months not eating ice cream. How good would that first lick of a strawberry waffle cone taste? I'll tell when I join my next tops... 

Admittedly the whole ice cream analogy seems bit off and not quite the right parallel to building guitars. How can a luxury food item compare to a vocation? You're right. Scratch the whole ice cream analogy and replace it with breathing. How would you feel about not breathing for a couple of months?

The shop is progressing nicely and we figure that we should probably share with our loyal readers how things are shaping up:

Here you can see Jeremy clearly contemplating life, the universe, and all things ukulele.

After unloading boxes and boxes of tools (freight elevators are your friend) and clearly confused as to how to begin.

Subsequent to deciding on a direction it really didn't take very long to get things together. We really do work fast. If you don't believe us take a look.

Here's a quick snap of Mike's exemplary skills with a pencil.

and the third member of our shop Dave Madokoro working on the wall to our dust/machine room.

We really should get back to the shop so tune in next time for more wild and crazy adventures of three little guitarmakers in one big city. Goodnight and good luck.

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