Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Guitarmaking, Climate Change, and The Space Time Continuum

We have come to the conclusion that there exists in Montreal a bizarre fold in the fragile reality that we call “time.” Nothing seems to have been as affected as southbound traffic on Boulevard St. Laurent. Numerous times we have noticed the length of time it takes to walk from the intersection of St. Laurent and St. Viateur down to the intersection at Duluth. On a windy day the trip could be described as just a little to long for a light fall coat and yet the return seems to defy logic. Picture a pair of guitarmakers aimlessly strolling down one of the busiest streets in one of the most happening cities in North America, not dawdling (I really despise the general lack of progress in the step) but not rushing (as if it was five minutes to the last train) wondering to themselves if they were there yet. After concluding their business and departing on the identical (but inverse) return trip they find themselves entirely baffled as to how they possibly could have arrived back home so quick. Seriously, it seems like a ridiculously short trip and we don't understand it in the slightest. How could it possibly take so long to walk somewhere and yet take no time at all to get back? Bizarre... but not really (like is so presently in vogue) something that can be blamed entirely on climate change.

more on that in part two...

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