Monday, October 6, 2008

Ukranian L'Amour Stew

A lot of people have asked us, "Why Montreal?" A hint of the answer lies in the title of this post. Where else but Montreal could you find a delicious(?) sounding combo like "Ukrainian L'Amour Stew"?

In the past week we saw three concerts within a 15 minute walk from our new building. The first was a great little show at Casa del Popolo with Caloon Saloon opening for Lake of Stew. Three years ago at the Ramsay Road Music Festival (annual music festival hosted by the de Jonge family) a member of Lake of Stew played Mike's guitar which at the time lacked the end pin to connect a strap. When asked if he'd still be able to play it without one he said, "Oh don't worry. I do this kind of suction thing with my belly." He then proceeded to lift his shirt and, thanks to the humid summer day, stuck the guitar to his stomach.

Our second show was a special one night combo between Li'l Andy and Ideal Lovers covering Neil Young's album 'Tonight's the Night'. It was a fantastic show that was part of the Pop Montreal festival. One unique aspect of the concert was it's unusual time and location. Instead of the typical music venue, the show took place in Cinema L'Amour.

And yes, it's THAT kind of movie theater. Once the usual... clientèle had cleared out for the evening and the equipment could be setup, the show began with Li'l Andy and Ideal Lovers taking the stage at 2 am. It rocked.

Our third and final concert of the week was held at the Ukrainian Federation. Another good show with Chad Van Gaalen and Julie Doiron. By the end of the night we were both exhausted after a long week of setting up the shop/apartment, exploring Montreal, and seeing all the shows.

As a brief insight into what we're like, during the walk home we became positively giddy when we planned to make whole oat porridge the next morning.

Long live whole grains!

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